Moving from level 4 to level 3.

Moving from level 4 to level 3.

Moving from Alert Level 4 to Level 3

NZ is still in Level 4 and will stay at Level 4 at least until 20 April.

The decision on when we move to Level 3 will be made on 20 April.

When we go to Level 3, there will no longer be the focus on ’essential businesses only’.

At Level 3, any business will be able to operate as long as they comply with Level 3 criteria and all obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Level 3 criteria will likely include:

  • Staying home, if working from home is possible.
  • If at work, 2-metre social distancing and hygiene requirements will still apply.
  • Bars, restaurants and retail stores will have to stay closed for over-the-counter business but will be allowed to operate food delivery, click & collect, online or drive through sales.  ‘No contact’ rules will apply
  • Tradespersons, house movers etc required to enter homes will be able to do so but must observe safe distance and ‘no contact’ rules.
  • Travel will be permitted for necessary reasons (commuting to work, taking children to school etc), within your region.
  • Recreation will be permitted as long as you are separate from anyone outside your bubble.  Swimming, shore-based fishing and surfing will be OK in Level 3, but not motorised sports (boating etc), and no large gatherings.
  • Schools will be partly reopened (for students up to year 10).  Attendance will be voluntary, as parents will be encouraged to keep children home if possible.
  • Funerals & weddings will be limited to fewer than 10 people, with no reception, foods or drinks allowed

General guidelines have now been loaded onto the Covid 19 website. They can be found at

Further guidance on level 3 will be provided over the next few days by WorkSafe NZ, followed by more specific advice to businesses by the BusinessNZ Network and industry bodies.

Below are risk points and actions to consider by businesses:

Risk points

Actions to consider

Travelling to work

Maintaining a safe mode of transport

Limiting other workers e.g. car pooling

Hygiene considerations, hands sneezing/cough while on route to work


Entering work

Health checks of all workers/contractors/visitors or health declarations from workers

Entry registrations and exit

Inductions re COVID 19, consider remote systems


At work

Creating and maintaining safe systems of work to maintain 2 meters distancing, or if between 1 and 2 m PPE, other physical barriers, gloves, glasses, masks, tissues

If less than 1 m consider stopping that work

If another worker is known and or is symptom free then 1 m is acceptable

Training and re induction re PPE, Hygiene, Hand washing

Workplace wipe downs, disinfectants high touch areas, tools, equipment, vehicles ….

Waste disposal of tissues, masks etc.

Split shifts, flexible shifts

Work group bubbles

Contractor bubbles

Limiting movement between departments

Is working from home still a viable option

IT meetings

Limit smokos, food and other gatherings

Mobile workers and their transport, social distancing

Staff working off site at another worksite

Employee tracing of movements

Meeting registers of attendees.

Tool box or similar meetings how to maintain 2 m gap

Those entering home e.g. trades to maintain safe distancing and no contact.


Emergency management

What to do in a COVID 19 case or suspected case

HR policies re staff not coming to work


Leaving work

Hygiene wash down

Clean clothes/shoes

Transport home, hygiene


Management oversight

Identifying vulnerable workers and management of

wellbeing and mental health

Systems to follow re unwell workers

Prepare an emergency/ advice call list

Information being made available to staff, posters, signs

Contractor management checking their systems

Deliveries/couriers contactless if posible

Supply chains in and out of the business.

Privacy issues around personal information

Managing staff apathy

Develop a Risk register of all jobs/tasks where 2 m gap is or could be compromised- normal work and maintenance work

Information to staff re out of work considerations. MoH

Staff (H&S) representatives and union involvement where present




17 Apr, 2020
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