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  • Advanced Composite Materials, Centre for (CACM)CACM brings together expertise from engineering, science and medical faculties to undertake fundamental, applied and industrially focused research on synthetic and bio-based composite materials, manufacturing processes, and design, analysis and experimental characterisation. READ MORE
  • Earth Science & Engineering, Institute for The IESE of The University of Auckland, New Zealand is a research and development organisation which specialises in geothermal exploration, mircoseismic monitoring, borehole instrumentation and geothermal short course training. READ MORE
  • Industrial Information & Control Centre (I²C²)The Industrial Information and Control (I²C²) was established in the Faculty of Engineering at The University of Auckland, to provide a national focal point for research, postgraduate study, graduate training, continuing education and industry consultation in industrial information and control. READ MORE
  • Infrastructure Research, Centre for (CIR)The Centre for Infrastructure Research (CIR) has been established to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to support government and industry with infrastructure research and evidence-based decision-making. READ MORE
  • Innovation in Biotechnology, Institute forThe IIB provides industry access to a purpose-built 10,000m2 research building that includes fully equipped laboratories and high-tech equipment facilities. We serve the full life sciences spectrum, including health, food and environmental biotech, and help co-locating companies fast-track R&D by leasing access to the resources of The University of Auckland and the School of Biological Sciences (SBS). READ MORE
  • Light Metals Research CentreOur team includes world leaders in their fields of expertise with substantial experience in aluminium and magnesium smelting, light metal alloys applications, alumina refining, major smelter site upgrades and continuous improvement initiatives. Because they encompass all relevant disciplines, the Centre’s team can work on a wide range of technical issues aimed at solving business problems. READ MORE
  • Nano-mechanical Research LaboratoryThe centre has a wide range of materials processing and characterisation facilities and capabilities, some of which are one of a kind in the country. READ MORE
  • Photon FactoryThe Photon Factory is an award-winning research facility with a mission to achieve the extraordinary using state-of-the-art laser photonic technology. READ MORE
  • Surface & Materials Science, Research Centre for (RCSMS)The Research Centre for Surface and Materials Science (RCSMS) is unique in materials science and engineering in NZ, being a research facility available to University researchers and a commercial facility available to industry. RCSMS specialises in materials characterisation, in terms of composition and structure, from the very near surface to the bulk of the material. READ MORE
  • Wine Science ProgrammeThrough its research, teaching and engagement with industry, WIRI is advancing its vision to promote research of the highest academic standards that is of direct value to industry and nation. READ MORE
  • Yacht & Wind Research UnitThe primary function of the Yacht Research Unit (YRU) is to coordinate and promote research and engineering activities within The University of Auckland that are related to yachts. READ MORE

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