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Company Manufacturing Capability:

Starfish Interiors along with sister company Starfish Comfort specialize in new soft furnishing design and manufacturing as well as refurbishment projects where old fabric and foam is to be refreshed. We have a team of pattern makers, cutting, sewing and upholstery specialists. Our core business is squabs, window furnishings and custom mattresses as a preferred supplier to THL for their soft furnishing needs, large fleet projects are well within our sphere of expertise. We supply new passenger seats for buses and minivans as well as specialist seats for mobility. Our capability means we also re-upholster existing seats and vehicles such as motorhomes. 3D CAD design, multi layer fabric cutting using laser and knife cutting are just some of our available equipment.

Starfish Comfort

Is cushion and pillow focused for the commercial market who in turn supply retail, hospitatlity and interior design markets. Blown polyester fiber, feather and feather/fiber blends are offered as fill options. Long run retail product along with custom specialized designs can be accommodated. We also manufacture upholstered headboards supplying commercial organisations and more bespoke, customised options for private customers. Both Starfish Interiors and Starfish Comfort operate from the same Avondale premises so there is a sharing of expertise.


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PO Box 71151 Rosebank

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