Company Manufacturing Capability:

PowerShield Solutions has a 20 year history of local design and manufacture of battery monitoring systems for Data Centres. Battery monitoring products are small embedded systems very similar to many other products. Our expertise is extensive, meaning our customers can benefit from our experience to support the production of their product.

Our level of automation and low overhead structure can provide excellent quality at a price point that can compete well on a worldwide basis.

As a partner, we want to integrate your manufacture into our business as if it was your own plant. This will give the best information flow and responsiveness for you to operate in a business environment where sales predictability levels are low and the need for response time to be short has never been greater.

PowerShield Solutions are ideally positioned to deliver high quality electronic assemblies. We have a modern surface mount manufacturing line that is capable of meeting a wide range of international certifications. We also help ensure a price / value point that will achieve your objectives.

Two layer SMT Assembly, including

  • Parts placement – our machinery ensure high speed and high accuracy
  • Reflow solder for lead and lead-free profiles
  • Automatic inspection of solder joints
  • Automatic selective solder
  • Solder paste stencil print

Multiple testing options, including:

  • A bare board test
  • A pre-assembly functional test


Len Thomas
09 913 0283
[email protected]

Postal Address:

PO Box 302 239
Auckland 0751

Physical Address:

12B Parkhead Place

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