Brexit – Customs Briefing, 11 March 2019

Brexit – Customs Briefing, 11 March 2019

Brexit – Customs Briefing, 11 March 2019.

Richard Barge – NZ Customs.

*UK Customs Officials are reasonably relaxed about what will happen at borders in the event of a “no deal” crash out of the EU, because they have been put a lot of resources into contingency planning. NZ Customs has been researching it as well and say good information is key.
*UK and EU border agencies are putting info on their websites as they work through contingency plans. Both the UK and EU are planning for ‘no deal’. For other countries trading with EU or UK there should be no change to customs documentation.
*Roll on, roll off trade at Dover and Calais could be the pinch point, but it is expected that Sea container trade (mainly 3rd country trade) and airfreight should not be too affected.
*UK do pre-clearances and several other things to expedite trade, just like NZ customs.
*There should not be much focus from UK Customs on NZ trade as we are considered a low risk country. Air and freight from 3rd countries should flow.
*Transit goods will be processed at the end point, e.g. Rotterdam to UK, and processed at UK end.
*There will be some disruption and exporters should prepare for it – but it may not be as bad as portrayed in the media.
*Exporters or their freight forwarders should understand customs requirements into the UK and get the paperwork right.
*Freight agents should check if the importer is in the “authorised economic operator scheme”. They will get through faster – trusted traders.
*NZ customs have people on the ground in the UK and in Brussels who will be able to trouble shoot.  Brexit page on customs website, 0508 number and email address.
*New Zealand Customs will pursue getting a deal for a Secure Export scheme with UK, but they will have to wait until the UK has withdrawn from the EU.
*UK is suspending checking Customs documentation in the transition for goods coming in from the EU – although the EU will be doing customs paper work at their end.
*Check their website later next week for update re. political situation.
*Regarding travel – Check with airlines and have travel insurance.
*SPS requirements will be the same. MPI website links to a lot of the technical advice from the UK.
*There will be a pragmatic approach at border from DEFRA as they want to facilitate trade.
*NZTE: have Brexit page on their website, Brexit ready checklist, and dedicated email addresses as well.

Catherine Beard

25 Mar, 2019
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